Insurance case

The profession provides a great opportunity to learn in the free and paid system of the existing system, to specialize in the field of insurance.


Having received the "Insurance case agent" qualification, the best graduates can continue their studies in the 2nd year of the part-time department of higher educational institutions (State University of Economics of Armenia, Yerevan State University, National Polytechnic University of Armenia, etc.).



The main occupations of professional activity are:


During their studies, students will participate in hands-on training programs in the college's insurance operations labs, studying to become agents or supervisors, strict bookkeepers, underwriters (corporate and retail sales), reinsurance or claims adjusters.


What works does a specialist with the qualification "Insurance case agent" perform?


• selection of agents, collection, preparation, registration of documents necessary for registration of agents, provision of necessary documents to agents, implementation of supervision of current work of agents.

• estimation of the number of strict accounting documents, ordering and receiving from the printing office, completing, recording, registering, storing the strict accounting documents of the organization in the appropriate room, distributing strict accounting documents to the relevant employees and agents of the organization, receiving and accounting of sealed, damaged and invalid strict accounting documents.

• providing information and advice to clients regarding insurance programs and products, researching the scope of insurance objects or insured people, risk assessment, determining tariffs based on the assessed risk criteria within the tariff range set by the responsible actuary, filling out certificates, then providing certificates with payment information and their attached documents to policyholders and insured people.

• reinsurance of risks of different classes of insurance, implementation of rights and obligations arising from reinsurance contracts, development of the annual reinsurance plan and presentation to the management.

• applications and complaints regarding insurance accidents - acceptance of claims, arrival at the scene of the accident in case of an insurance accident, settlement of the insurance accident based on the collected information, making a decision on the denial or provision of compensation, drawing up conclusion acts on the compensation.

• study of the object damaged during the insurance accident and assessment of the received damage.

• preparation, verification, movement of accounts arising from the activities of the organization, "preparation and submission of reports submitted to the central bank and tax inspectorates”

• providing online services.