Installation, repair and maintenance of renewable energy power plants ( Preliminary (Craft) Vocational Education)

The profession provides a great opportunity to specialize in  free system of existing system, in the field of installation, repair and maintenance of solar energy plants.


The main occupations of professional activity are:

Students during their studies in college will take part in educational-practical programs in study rooms equipped  with  the latest technology, will study the installation, the repairing and maintenance of the solar power plant, the installation, the repairing and maintenance of the solar thermal power plant services.

What works does  "Installation, repair and maintenance of solar energy plants, electrician-valve fitter" qualified specialist carry out?

performing of mechanical assembly and adjustment of equipment

performing of  electrical installation and adjustment of stations

identifying of equipment malfunctions and eliminate them

performing of the equipment of  solar energy plant technical service

provide advice to the user about the solar energy equipments

overseeing and exploitation of the solar electrical equipment and systems

provide the safe and complete transportation of components necessary for the montage of solar energy plants

use tools and equipment correctly,according to their purpose

maintain work safety and rules at all stages of work

provide necessary information for the preparation of prescribed documents

carry out the preparatory work of the installation and montage of energy plants

submit a request for regarding acquisition for the required materials and tools as needed

fill out documents related to his jurisdiction