The profession provides a great opportunity to study in the free and paid system of the existing system, to specialize in the field of effective business management.


Having received the "Manager:Trade" qualification, the best graduates can continue their studies in the 2nd year of the part-time department of higher educational institutions (State University of Economics of Armenia, Yerevan State University, National Polytechnic University of Armenia, National Agrarian University of Armenia).


The main occupations of the professional activity are:


During the years of study, the students will participate in educational programs in the college, transforming the acquired theoretical knowledge into abilities during the practical training. In particular, they will study the work activities of the trade department, the trade manager, the duties of the head of the department, trade organization and promotion activities, content and order of execution, basic professional and personal qualities required of a manager


What kind of work does a specialist with "Manager: trade" qualification perform?


• plan, organize and coordinate activities in the field of trade, make work schedules, ensure the performance of work according to the schedule,

• ensure effective use of funds

• analyze, evaluate and report on the results of commercial activities, make a report, submit it to the management on time, cooperate with other departments of the organization,

• ensure the circulation of necessary documents and information between him and other departments of the organization,

• ensure the consistency of examination of complaints submitted by customers, settle the conflicts that arise , ensure compliance and control of labor protection and safety rules and norms

• establish a flexible price system and sales promotion measures,

• participate in sales forecasting activities, assess the risks associated with the activity,

• negotiate with the supplier, customer and other organizations in order to cooperate on terms acceptable to the organization,

• participate in the implementation of measures aimed at personnel development, collect and process information necessary for decision-making,

• develop and implement an effective control system, manage time correctly