Cosmetics and make-up art

The profession provides a great opportunity to specialize in  free and paid systyms of the existing system, in the field of make-up and cosmetology services.


The main occupations of professional activity are:


Students during their studies in college will take part in educational practical programs in the study rooms equipped with the latest technology:they will study: make-up artist, make-up artist - cosmetologist, manicurist, eyebrow correction, eyelash extension, eyelash lamination and professional hair removal services.



What works does the qualified "Make-up artist-cosmetologist" do?


•  cosmetic, make-up,manicure cabinets stocking and commissioning

•  the knowledge and observence of sanitary norms of cosmetic, make-up and  manicure cabinets

•  the knowledge and comliance with requirements of presented hygienic of used equipments, tools and used materials

•  at the stages of implementation of the tecnological process maintenance of hygienic requirements

•  the knowledge of rules,methods,forms of cosmetic services, procedure implementation technologies, the impementation of preparatory and final works of make-up and cosmetological services

•  the knowledge and implementation of methods all types of skin (face, hands, feet), nail care

•  the knowledge and application of types of decorative cosmetics, both external and age correction, as well as decoration and individual defects correcting purposes

•  the knowledge and implementation of make-up technologies

•  the knowledge and implementation of manicure (manicure, pedicure) technologies

•  the  knowledge and implementation of eyebrow correction methods

•  the knowledge and implementation of the technologies of eyelash extensions and lamination

•  the knowledge and application of types of hair removal.