The specialty "Law" provides a great opportunity to specialize in the field of study in the paid system of the existing system.


Having received the "Lawyer" qualification, the best graduates can continue their studies in the 2nd year of the part-time department of higher educational institutions (State University of Economics of Armenia, Yerevan State University, National Polytechnic University of Armenia, National Agrarian University of Armenia).




The main occupations of the professional activities are:


During their studies, students will participate in educational and practical programs in the college's educational offices equipped with the latest technologies. legal professional services of organizations, insurance agency, notary office employees.


What work does a specialist with legal qualifications carry out?


studying legal and other similiar documents or organizing their study,

preparing reports characterizing legal situations or drafting the conditions for granting insurance and loans,

providing advice to clients on legal or technical issues related to certain cases or agents,

preparing documents relating to the transfer of immovable property, shares and other matters for which a formal letter is required

checking the legality of documents and delivering them to the organization's registration offices on time,

preparing claim materials for handing over to judicial and arbitration bodies, recording and maintaining judicial and arbitration cases,

legally formulating economic contracts and financial transactions,

performing related duties.