The profession provides a great opportunity to learn in free and paid system of the existing system, to specialize in the field of accounting and to obtain qualifications in accordance with the requirements of the labor market.


Having received the  qualification of a "Accountant", the best graduates can continue their studies in the 2nd year of the part-time department of higher educational institutions (State University of Economics of Armenia, Yerevan State University, National Agrarian University of Armenia, etc.).


The main occupations of the professional activities are:


During the years of study, the students will participate in training-practical programs in the laboratories equipped with the latest equipment in the college, they will study the methods of the accountant in commercial and non-commercial organizations, the chief accountant in small and medium-sized enterprises, the  chief accountant’s assistant related to the financial and economic activity of the organization.


What works does the "Accountant" carry out?


  complete accounting of the organization's financial operations, in accordance with the general principles of accounting, under the direct supervision of the chief accountant,

  preparation of initial accounting documents,

• preparing financial reports,

• preparing documents related to cash payments, receipts and other financial operations,

• verifying the accuracy of documents related to cash payments, receipts and other financial operations,

• completing electronic reporting forms,

•  formulating accounting reports, making registers and using computerized accounting of programs
 to implement financial internal control within the framework of its authority